【my experience】Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami and Nuclear Accident ~Episode 2_Approaching Tsunami~


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・2011.3.11 At the age of 20, I was affected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster.

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・My life’s work is to convey the experiences and lessons learned from the nuclear power plant accident and the current state of decommissioning work.

・We are working to convey the current state and charm of Fukushima to as many people as possible, get them interested, and contribute to its recovery.

Episode 2_Approaching tsunami

This is a continuation from episode 1.


At the round table, the video conference is displayed on a large monitor and the situation is checked.

Each TV station is displayed next to a large monitor, and all TV stations are reporting earthquake and tsunami warnings.


I can’t do anything so I just stand there and watch the TV.

When I was watching TV, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was shown from a distance.

someone shouted.

Hey! Look at that!

When I pointed at the TV, I saw that the tide was slowly receding.


The sea water that reached the shore quickly disappears beyond the horizon.

In the video, the sea appeared completely dry.



What is this!

what is happening! ?

Is this possible? ?

Everyone is skeptical.

The next moment, a white line begins to appear from beyond the horizon.

The white line gradually approaches you.


It’s a tsunami! A tsunami is coming!

someone shouts.

That white line swallows the dry sea and approaches us.

The tsunami quickly enters the power plant and engulfs the equipment.


All I could do was watch as the car was washed away like a toy.

Fortunately, the seismic isolation building was located in a high position and was not damaged by the tsunami.


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going home

At that time, I had no idea what this tsunami had taken away.

And at that time I was still


There was an earthquake and tsunami, but it’s a nuclear power plant that is said to be so safe, so I guess it’s okay…

That’s what I thought.

This tsunami will cause the real worst…


The office and the nuclear power plant are in shambles, and I wonder what will happen to work tomorrow.

As I was thinking about this, my boss from the group I belonged to approached me.


Hey, everyone get together

With that, young people were gathered.

When the boss looks into everyone’s eyes


This is the situation, there’s nothing you can do.

I don’t know what will happen next.
There are still cars available now, so if you can go home, go home now.

After saying that, the boss returned to the task force.


I was left behind, got into a car with other young people, and left the power plant.

Please see ⇩ for the continuation.

Movie “fukushima50”

出典:映画「Fukushima 50」公式サイト(https://www.fukushima50.jp/

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